Penry W. Price

Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn Corporation, Director since 2011

Mr. Price has been the Vice President, Marketing Solutions of LinkedIn Corporation (a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation) since October 2013. From June 2011 through October 2013, he was President of Dstillery, Inc., a marketing technology company formerly known as Media6Degrees, LLC. From June 2004 through June 2011, he served in various capacities at Google, Inc., a provider of Internet-related products and services, the last of which was Vice President, Agency Sales and Partnerships, Worldwide. From July 2000 through June 2004, Mr. Price served as Sales Director of Wenner Media, LLC, a company engaged in the publication of magazines and production of radio and television programs, where he was principally responsible for revenue generation and strategic partnerships.

Mr. Price’s extensive experience as a senior executive in companies specializing in digital marketing, advertising, and social networks enables him to provide valuable perspectives on our marketing initiatives and strategies, including the use of social media and digital technology to reach new consumers.